1. For light weight, ease of handling and quality control of manufacture under strict conditions. In an appropriate design, the architectural result is comparable to all building styles and the stability is unequivocal.

2. For speed of execution (twice as fast as concrete construction and 1.5 times faster than conventional metal construction).

3. With lightweight steel, the walls remain straight and stable, reducing shrinkage, gypsum cracks and nail heads. The finish remains of higher quality than in the use of traditional constructions.

4. The materials used are recyclable, offering an alternative of choice in the environment and a wise choice in the construction of a healthy home because there is:

. Less metallurgical waste.

. Less CO2 emissions when manufacturing steel structures.

. Use of 16 / e natural resources.

. 100% recyclable.

. Use of recycled steel.

5. The manpower used during the assembly passes easily to the transition of the steel by the use of simplistic tools requiring only a slight training.

6. Light steel components are 60% lighter than traditional or traditional construction members. Foundations and design for seismic loads can be small.

7. Good behavior to seismic efforts.

8. Great ability to mass production for housing projects.

9. Competitive prices, especially in the world of affordable housing market.